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Why You Should Get A Chromebook Right Now

why you should get a chromebook

I know you have heard about a the Chromebook few times but do you know what is? Have you considered trying it out? In this latest article, I will tell you everything you must know about the Chromebook and why you should get some. What is chromebook? It is a type of laptop that runs […]

Why Your 50MB Data Bundle Can’t Browse The Net Anymore

Why Your 50MB Data Bundle Can't Browse The Net Anymore

I know lately you have been experiencing the consistent draining of data bundles from time to time when browsing either on the phone or the computer. Most of us end up blaming our internet service providers for over deducting our data bundles however if you look deeper into the issue, you will realize the fault […]

MTN Smart Feature Phone – Specs And Price

Mtn smart feature phone

The MTN Smart Feature Phone has been designed with you in mind, providing a compact, high quality device while keeping the cost lower for a smart phone. These days every smart phone is a full touchscreen some with few buttons here and there but I barely see smartphones with keypad these days. Well, that was […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Third-party Antivirus Software

Third-party Antivirus is one of the software that most people rely on for both their offline and online data protection. There are few things I would like to ask; ‘Do you know the antivirus you use takes over your entire system’s security?’ ‘Do you know how the antivirus you are using is programmed to work?’ […]

MTN Fiber BroadBand: The Fastest Internet Connection In Ghana

The entire world is currently running on internet. I can proudly say that the most successfully companies on the surface of this earth have more than 50% of the company running on the internet. Internet has made life itself very smarter and easier. It is also the source of many job opportunities. Internet is very […]

Coinbase: Why It Is The Best Bitcoin Wallet

Coinbase: Why It Is The Best Bitcoin Wallet

While the price of Bitcoin is increasing almost on daily basis, most people are still unaware of its existence not to talk of how to get into the business. Some too have heard about the Bitcoin trend but don’t know much about it. Well, I won’t be saying much about the trend here since I […]

Bitcoin Mining – What Is It?

Bitcoin Mining - What Is It?

Friends, strangers, colleagues and customers all ask me this more often; “Bitcoin Mining – What is It?” sometimes it I am tempted to say; “It is online gold mining“. Answering them with that simple statement is going to be like me opening a High School exam booklet for the first time…. Lots of question! Even […]

Xiaomi Mi 8 Review

Xiaomi Mi 8 Review

At Xiaomi’s launch event at the end of May 2018 three new Mi 8 smartphones were announced, of which the phone we review here is the standard model. There’s also an SE version, lower-specced and cheaper with the Snapdragon 710 headlining, plus the Explorer Edition, which has an cool transparent rear cover and an in-display […]

SuperPrice Ghana – What You Should Know Before You Buy

SuperPrice Ghana - What You Should Know Before You Buy

If you have followed us for long, you will probably realize one of the things we are very good at is reviewing online shops. If you have not seen any yet, you can quickly take a look at our Jumia Ghana review. SuperPrice launched their online shop somewhere July,2017. As we all know, it is […]

Nokia 8 Hits The Market With Unbelievable Features

Nokia 8 Hits The Market With Unbelievable Features

If you have not used Nokia before, then you wouldn’t know what it feels like to use a phone that was everybody’s favorite. The first time I used a Nokia phone, it was Nokia 1100. There was nothing like camera or anything to show gallery for. The only thing you get to enjoy on the […]