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What You Should Know About Aliexpress Shipping Cost

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods

If you landed on this page, then you probably want to know more about Aliexpress standard shipping cost or you are just interested in the topic. In this new article, I want to throw some light on the Aliexpress shipping methods and the cost involved.  First of all there are few things you need to […]

12 Under $1 Aliexpress Products With Free Shipping

Wave Shape Hair Clip

Aliexpress has always been my best online shopping website. While some people shop for things they need here, I sometimes shop for random goods just for fun. While shopping, I decided to curate a list of few things I bought under $1 which were also in the free shipping category. These items as cheap as […]

How To Find The Cheapest Items On Aliexpress

How To Find The Cheapest Items On Aliexpress

Items on Aliexpress are quite cheaper than the items we buy on daily basis from the local supermarkets. Even though items here are already cheap, there is a way to find the same items at a very cheaper price than the ones that appeared in your search results. In this new tutorial I will teach […]

Top 10 Aliexpress Kitchen Gadgets

Multifunctional Ginger Garlic Press

There is something interesting about kitchens I love so much and that is the fact that there is always that delicious flavor when you enter. This is one of the things that give me the appetite to eat most of the time. Another thing that wets my appetite in my kitchen is the gadgets available. […]

3 Things You Shouldn’t Ship Through Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods

Standard shipping is the most common means through which buyers ship their items on Aliexpress. For security reasons and to avoid paying more than you should for a single product, there are few things you shouldn’t ship through Aliexpress Standard Shipping. Shipping some of these things through Aliexpress Standard Shipping could have a negative effect […]

How To Shop On Aliexpress For Free

There is nobody on planet earth who will say “No” to free lunch. Some few people will pretend but deep inside their hearts, they know they really need it. As you already know, you can call me Aliexpress addict and I will respond. Today, I have something interesting up just for you. In most shops, […]

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Other Methods

There are many different shipping methods to choose from when buying on Aliexpress. China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus AliExpress Standard Shipping AliExpress Premium Post EMS DHL Seller’s Shipping Method All the above are some of Aliexpress shipping methods. Someone will ask; “Why are there so many different shipping methods?” It all boils down to […]

7 Things You Should Be Careful Buying On Aliexpress

7 Things You Should Be Careful Buying On Aliexpress

Aliexpress has always been my favorite online shopping website. Even though almost everything I want apart from perishable goods can be found on this website but it is not everything that I purchase on this platform. I have shopped here over a countless number of times for myself, my friends and families. I have seen […]

11 Best Things To Buy On Aliexpress – 2018

Baseus Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

Shopping online is now the most common way of shopping. As a matter of fact, there are lots of advantages in shopping online than walking into the local supermarket to make a purchase. If you are not buying your stuffs online already, then you are missing a lot. Today I bring you 11 best things […]

Parcel Tracking And Why You Should Be Careful With It

Parcel Tracking And Why You Should Be Careful

Parcel tracking is one of the key things in shipping. It doesn’t only help in shipping from one country to the other but also sending that parcel from the local shop to a customer in another city. Before I start explaining what the whole topic is all about, I want to explain a bit of […]