2 Simple Ways To Make Extra Money Online Without Any Capital

2 Simple Ways To Make Extra Money Online Without Any Capital

As we all know, there is no way we can survive without eating. As you eat today, you also think about what you will eat tomorrow, the day after, the day after, the day after, until you die. When you narrow it all down, it gets down to money.

People say money is not everything but what I know for sure is; there is no day you can survive without money. Money comes out of jobs.

You might be working already but there is nothing wrong getting an extra source of income. It doesn’t take away from you but it adds up to what you already have.

In this article, I’m going to give you two simple ways you can make an extra money online without any capital.

These methods I’m about to disclose to you are tested and working methods.

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1. Selling your talent

Everybody have talents but what you don’t know is; no matter the type of talent, you can sell it for money. There are many sites out there that will help you to sell your talent. No matter what your talent is, you just have to narrow it down to what the closest thing you can do with your talent is and you are good to go.

For example; If you are a musician, that means you are very creative with lyrics and you have a good voice. The closest thing you can sell with this talent is being a voice-over artist or being an audio advertiser since you can write sweet lyrics, you can still give sweet words to every ear with your advert.

Now the question comes in; “Where are you going to sell this kind of talent?”

I will give you one simple website where you can sell anything you want.

There is one special website I will recommend with proves of payment: SEO Clerk 

On this website, you can sell your profession, your talents, your articles, you can even design for people and get paid.

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2. Recommending products on Aliexpress

This is one thing that most people don’t know about. I just did a little research and found out that you can actually make some money with aliexpress. Even though you might not be able to make a lot with it, you can still make some money to pay for few items in your cart.


After shopping with Aliexpress for a while, I decided to explore other features of the online Mall to see what it can benefit me apart from the cheap products I get from there. I realized you can earn a commission by just recommending a specific product to someone.

It only works on their mobile app for android.

This is how it works:

First you must have the aliexpress app on an android smartphone. sign up and make sure you login.

If a friend or anyone you know wants to buy something, just make sure you find a cheaper version of that same thing they want to buy and convince them to buy it online.  Go through the process as described below.

1. Click on the menu icon as shown in the photo below.


2. Click on “Earn by sharing”


3. Now, you can browse through to look for the item you are recommending for the fellow or you can search for it by name. When you find it, just click on the share button next to the item to generate a link and send to the person you are recommending the item for.



Note:  the link will expire in just 15 days so if after 15 days the person didn’t use the link, you will have to generate a different one for them again in case they need it.


These are the two simple ways I have found in recent times to make an extra money, I hope you enjoyed reading

Thank you.

Watch out for more tutorials and you can also leave comment if there is anything you wish I could write about.

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