Here’s All You Need To Know About As Facebook To Launch Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook To Launch Libra Cryptocurrency

Recently was when the breaking news reached to us that the popular social media website, Facebook and its owner being Mark Zuckerberg, released the information that Facebook To Launch Libra Cryptocurrency. Now, stepping into the all-new crypto world, Facebook has finally made its Libra Cryptocurrency officially. With this, Mark, the CEO of Facebook, vowed that […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Third-party Antivirus Software

Third-party Antivirus is one of the software that most people rely on for both their offline and online data protection. There are few things I would like to ask; ‘Do you know the antivirus you use takes over your entire system’s security?’ ‘Do you know how the antivirus you are using is programmed to work?’ […]

Simple Computer Short-cut Keys You should Know

Why do we use Short-cut keys? I use them because they make my work go faster and makes me feel more at ease using the computer. I don’t know about you but all I know for now is that you could use some short-cuts sometimes. Save Your time with Short Cut Ctrl + A – […]

How To Browse WhatsApp Anonymously

How To Browse WhatsApp Anonymously

Are you interested in hiding your online status from most of the people on WhatsApp? We don’t have full control over what we can do with/on the WhatsApp but there are few things that we can control including our online status. Even though you can’t completely hide your presence, you can at least hide few […]

Unboxing The All New MTN TurboNet Router

MTN Turbonet router

The MTN TurboNet Router is a modern advanced internet router that gives you up to 300MBPS of internet speed hence making it the fastest internet connection in Ghana. Here, I have the ‘Hands-on’ review of the router for my readers who want to get the device to gain more insights before going for the device. […]

Top 10 Things You Should Know About The MTN TurboNet

Earlier I wrote few things about the MTN TurboNet and the Fibre BroadBand. In this new article, I will be writing about ten things you should know about the Turbo net. If you have not read my earlier article about the device, you can check it from here: MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed […]

How To Buy Data Bundles On MTN Turbo Net

MTN Turbo Net as I have said earlier is so far the fastest wireless internet connection in Ghana. There are so many things you must know when using the device and bundling is one of them. The router comes with an inbuilt sim but you are given a phone number which is the number of […]

MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps

The modern advanced wireless internet router is here. MTN Turbo Net is now the fastest internet in Ghana serving up to 300MBps is a record breaking super fast internet connection in Ghana. The device which hit the market not long ago is a modern technology router that amplifies the network signal giving you consistent 4G […]

MTN Fiber BroadBand: The Fastest Internet Connection In Ghana

The entire world is currently running on internet. I can proudly say that the most successfully companies on the surface of this earth have more than 50% of the company running on the internet. Internet has made life itself very smarter and easier. It is also the source of many job opportunities. Internet is very […]

6 WhatsApp Hacks You Should Use Everyday

Whatsapp is by far one of the most popular social media platforms that gets lots of active users every single day. There are so many hidden features in the Whatsapp platform that I know you have not discovered yet. I have also discovered not enough about the platform but there are few hacks I use […]